Fragmented Lucidity

9 December 2023 - 17 February 2024
ROSEGALLERY is pleased to present Fragmented Lucidity: The Art of Collage and Photomontage, a presentation of works by Katrien De Blauwer, Ken Graves, and Kensuke Koike. The opening of Fragmented Lucidity will also be hosted in collaboration with Luhz Press, which is debuting with The Meaning of Gravity, the first monograph of collage works by Ken Graves.

Originating in the early 20th century, modern collage and photomontage revolutionized art by reimagining traditional forms of expression. Collage, pioneered by artists like Picasso and Braque, combined diverse materials to create abstract compositions. Photomontage, an offshoot of collage popularized by Dadaists like Hannah Höch, used cut and reassembled photographs for satirical and political commentary. These innovative styles continue to influence modern art, offering new avenues for creativity and social critique.


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