Break in Case of Emergency (Flies, Forks, and Fires): an exhibition by Tania Franco Klein

13 May - 3 June 2023

ROSEGALLERY is pleased to present Break in Case of Emergency, the latest project by Mexican photographer Tania Franco Klein. 


 Break in Case of Emergency came by way of Klein’s fascination with catharsis, a term hearkened by Aristotle, and an arguably vital component of a successful “poetic,” i.e. any human-produced representation of life that is outside the thing itself. In that spirit, these images are fabulously unreal, yet succeed in evoking the underlying emotions, the unnameable feelings brewing inside our contemporary psyche. Think, “relatably absurd.”


 With Break in Case of Emergency, Klein invites us into her fastidious considerations, her willingness to search for the mysterious, for the enigmatic, even for the taboo, whatever she may discover that’s, maybe— akimbo to normative enjoyment. With her female subjects directed into off-kilter, apropos, and even cryptic circumstances, audiences ideally are thrust into a dyadic voyeurism; an Other’s fiction is so artfully rendered as to become an “undefined poetic,” projecting itself upon us, inhabiting our mind, twisting our emotions into as-yet-recognized shapes. If the artist has her way, catharses will be had. Calm transgressions will appease us. As one is satisfied, so, too, is the Other, even if describing it afterwards proves remote.


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