Into the Blue

22 May - 14 August 2021

ROSEGALLERY invites you to step with us Into the Blue. The uncertainty of this past year has left many with a sense of reset, and the next steps appear unknown; Yet, in the uncharted awaits opportunities for closeness. Into the Blue explores these very pathways, through an exploration of the hues and histories connected with the color blue. 

Blue is more than a color. It hums in the distant horizon. It blankets the atmosphere at dusk. It’s an emotion that affects us all. Indigo, azure, lapis, or navy; each tone of blue evokes its own sea of sensibilities. On the walls of ROSEGALLERY, soft, blue light-leaks surprise John Chiara’s photograph; tension fills the air and the hot blue telephone rings in Tania Franco Klein’s The Waiting; a midnight blue velvet cushions the sitter in Kennedi Carter’s photograph; Manfred Müller obscures found photographs through flowing movements of Prussian blue; Yishai Jusidman’s artist book, Preußischblau, documents the dark remnants of evil: walls stained blue by cyanide-iron compounds; overlapping hues of blue ebb and flow in McCracken’s geometric paintings; the late summer, cerulean skies envelop beachgoers in Gayle Kabaker’s paintings; and Sheila Pinkel creates a three dimensional space within a two dimensional plane through layers of light and varied hues of blue in her vintage, large-scale cyanotypes. 

The first synthetically created blue pigment appeared in ancient Egypt, a ground and heated mix of limestone and azurite. Since then, artists have found countless ways to express emotion through the color blue. This grouping of artists presents the ubiquity and variety of the color blue through its many manifestations. Some associations are linked through hues, some through temperament, but together, these works provide a sense of interconnection. 

Into The Blue will be on view from 22 May - 14 August 2021. The group exhibition features works by Jo Ann Callis, Kennedi Carter, John Chiara, Yishai Jusidman, Gayle Kabaker, Tania Franco Klein, Steve Galloway, Graciela Iturbide, Manfred Müller, Sheila Pinkel, Maureen Selwood and Megan Cotts, Lieko Shiga, and Aaron Stern.