Loosely Stated

18 September 2020 - 2 April 2021

Aren’t we all a little jumbled, moving this and that way while never moving at all? Yet within the ambiguity and uncertainty of the moment, conversations are what keep us grounded. Even in solitude, dialogues persist across time and space. With this in mind, ROSEGALLERY seeks to bring you to a conversation presented on walls. Hung together, the photographs on view speak with one another through their frames. 

Although a story unfolds within each image, their collective tales speak to our current moment. The tender embraces and companionship seen in photographs by Dorothea Lange, Maurice Tabard and Charles Harbutt remind us of the comfort of touch and intimacy. The cinematic and psychological tableaux by Jo Ann Callis and Tania Franco Klein are especially connected to the internal anxieties many of us feel today. The recreations of a past events in Lebohang Kganye’s and Daido Moriyama’s graphically oriented, black-and-white photographs summon reflection on the past as we look forward. 

In the group exhibition loosely stated, ROSEGALLERY invites you to view an insightful selection of photographs that resonate with our times. The exhibition opens on Friday 18 September 2020. 

To view the exhibition, please feel free to make an appointment with brittany@rosegallery.net or call the gallery at 310.264.8440. Please keep in mind that we may have only up to five persons in the gallery at one time as per COVID-19 safety protocols.