Americans in Kodachrome

11 December 2004 - 5 February 2005

A phenomenal testimony to an often idealized memory of postwar democracy, Americans In Kodachrome is an assembly of the nostalgic, conceptualized and brought to fruition by renowned conceptual artist, photographer, and printer, Guy Stricherz. 

From the dusty repository of attics, closets and basements of American homes come the remarkably poignant memories of our nation’s recent past; technicolor fossils of family life captured on the world’s first modern color film and brought together in celebration of  shared remembrance in ROSEGALLERY’s exhibition, Americans in Kodachome. Taken by unheralded photographers and previously relegated to the silver screens of traditional family slideshows, the photographs included in the exhibition document life in America between 1945 and 1965.  This twenty year span between a war won and a war lost was the mythical era of the American Dream when generations of Americans experienced unprecedented prosperity, others reveled in the possibility, and all who could afford low-cost 35mm cameras could record their personal legacies as their hopes were realized or faded away.