16 September - 25 November 2001

ROSEGALLERY is pleased to present the work of Dorothea Lange, rare 1950s prints of images from the 1930s through the early 1960s.

A restless spirit, Dorothea Lange chose to work at a time when family was supposed to come first for a woman. Compelled to photograph as a direct response to the world around her, she became one of the most eloquent and influential photographers in American history.

The preeminent documentary artist of America's Great Depression, Lange considered conviction, propaganda, and faith to be intertwined, and her classic 1930's photographs for the Federal Security Administration, at once bluntly factual and deeply sympathetic, put a face on the rootlessness, isolation, and humiliation of poverty, while managing to convey a fundamental strength of American character—a resilience, faith, and determination, even in destitution, that shocked the national conscience.