Ojos en los ojos: The Eyes in His Eyes

15 September - 31 October 2007

ROSEGALLERY is pleased to present an exhibition of photographs by Manuel Álvarez Bravo to coincide with the publication of his most recent monograph of primarily unpublished and rarely seen images, Ojos en los ojos, The Eyes in His Eyes. This exceptional collection of prints represents an Álvarez Bravo whose creative output can be distinguished by a virtuosity and daring characteristic of contemporary photographers of a much larger generation than his own. Excavated from the artist's archives during the final years of his life, the images brought together for this exhibition bring to light parts of a whole that remained, for whatever reason, unpublished or neglected. Together, the reawaken a legacy that continues to generate surprises that magnify still further, the gift of the artist's genius, and his willingness to dwell in the imaginative event.