"Real Food" by Martin Parr reveals how we eat

March 29, 2016

Pioneer of food photography, Martin Parr's Tongue-and-cheek view of how we eat and what we eat is now in a 200 plus slate book Real Food published by Phaidon in April 2016.  

Real Food  by Martin Parr, published by Phaidon, 2016

Real Food by Martin Parr, published by Phaidon, 2016

With meals taken from 36 countries around the globe, Martin peers into the kelidescope of what we can see in a society from the plate of food before them.  “You can tell a lot about society, who we are and what we like doing, by looking at the food we eat,” he says in an interview. “As a subject matter, it’s quite revealing. It’s like a new social landscape so it’s been good to explore food all around the world."

“I am showing food as it really is because we are surrounded by images in magazines where you see food looking glorious and beautiful, and we know that most people don’t surround themselves with food like that. It is like the propaganda of food sales.”

Feeling hungry?  Buy your copy of Real Food from Phaidon.com

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