What is Another Name for Fine Art Photography?

April 20, 2024
When one thinks of fine art photography, the names and terminology can be a bit confusing. Another name for fine art photography is "art photography" or simply "photographic art." This term emphasizes the artistic aspect of photography, focusing on the creation of images as expressions of artistic vision rather than simply documenting reality. 

What is a Fine Art Photographer? 

In fine art photography, the terms ‘artist’ and ‘fine art photographer’ are synonymous. 
A fine art photographer is an artist who utilizes the medium of photography to express their artistic vision and convey emotions, concepts, or aesthetic interpretations. Similar to other visual artists, they possess a deep understanding of composition, lighting, and storytelling techniques. Through their work, fine art photographers contribute to the broader realm of art by creating images that provoke thought, evoke emotions, and inspire contemplation. Their creations are often exhibited in galleries, museums, and art spaces alongside other forms of artistic expression, enriching the artistic landscape with their unique perspective and contributions. Here are a few examples of photography art examples with meaning: 
Dorothea Lange
Dorothea Lange is widely known for her Migrant Mother and White Angel Breadline images, taken during her time taking photographs for the United States’ Farm Security Administration. While documentary photographs at the time, they have aged to become more than just that. They are a snapshot of an era, each image is charged with the melancholic air of the Great Depression. They speak beyond simple documentation and have inspired many others to not just document, but to create and express. Migrant Mother is a famous photograph that depicts a woman in the center of the frame, her gaze beyond the camera, and her two children, one on each side of her, resting their heads on her shoulders and facing away from the lens. It is undoubtedly one of the most important portrait photographs of photography’s Modern era and paved the way for portrait photography to come. For many, Migrant Mother was not just a portrait of a person, but of place and time
Graciela Iturbide 
Photographer Graciela Iturbide grew up comfortable, beautiful, and bound for a traditional marriage in Mexico City. Initially, Iturbide photographed everyday life in Mexico City. But, like Alvarez Bravo, she was curious about the country's culture outside the capital, especially the Indian aspects celebrated by the postrevolutionary artists and intellectuals whose circle Alvarez Bravo had been part of in his youth. He encouraged her to visit pre-Hispanic communities and bring back her own interpretation of the ancient customs surviving in modern Mexico. 

What is Considered Fine Art in Photography? 

Like mentioned in our previous blogs, fine art photography, in short, is photography that is used as a tool for artistic expression. This can be in many ways through trying to capture a narrative, taking photographs with an aesthetic in mind, or experimenting with techniques and equipment for arts sake. With such a broad definition, it can feel hard to pin down what is considered fine art photography. What defines fine art photography is a somewhat subjective but open ended interpretation. A fine art photograph is defined solely on its context and the intent of the photographer. The validity of a fine art photograph and what is considered fine art photography can be defined through the framework of a simple question: What makes art, art? Art itself is the culmination of expression, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. While there is no set definition, it is typically a blend between artist intention and the perception of the public. As with art, one can find photography art examples with meaning and photography examples and images that are created simply for art’s sake.
Types of Fine Art Photography can include: 
  • Portrait Photography

  • Staged Photography

  • Process-Based Photography

  • Documentary Photography

  • Street Photography

  • Commercial Photography

There are many examples of famous fine art photographers who work within each genre of fine art photography. From Modern to Contemporary, many fine art photography examples can be seen throughout the years. Borrowing from a previous blog, here is a list of some fine art photographers.
Here are a few contemporary photographers to keep an eye out for: 
  • Kennedi Carter

  • Caleb Stein

  • Tania Franco Klein

  • Rinko Kawauchi 

  • Elger Esser

  • John Chiara

  • Kensuke Koike

  • Katrien De Blauwer

  • Asako Narahashi

  • Tomoko Sawada

Here are a few Modern photographers to keep an eye out for: 
  • William Eggleston

  • Martin Parr

  • Susan Meiselas

  • Graciela Iturbide

  • Jo Ann Callis

  • Manuel Alvarez Bravo

  • Evelyn Hofer

  • Ken Graves

  • Eva Lipman

  • Bruce Davidson

  • Bruce Charlesworth

  • Mary Frey

But as the gallery has worked with photographers of so many genres, there are a multitude of photographers to learn about. ROSEGALLERY is here to help you discover new photographers, learn more about the realm of fine art photography, and to even start your collection. Please feel free to visit our artist tab on our website or come by our gallery to learn more about the photographers that we have in store. 

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