Albrecht Tübke in the Artur Walther Collection

May 19, 2016

Albrecht Tübke's Ulm Portraits were recently acquired by The Artur Walther Collection, a collection focused on exhibiting and publishing contemporary photography and video art, in Neu Ulm/Burlafingen, Germany.

"The Ulm Portraits are an art project that was created in collaboration with Artur Walther Collection. Visitors to the exhibition in the Artur Walther Collection have been portrayed by Albrecht Tübke. They will thus become a "object of desire", that is to art objects that are shown in this exhibition. With respect to the Ulm pictures excerpts will be shown from other photographic works by Albrecht Tübke, including images from the series Dalliendorf, Caves and Twins. "


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