Eve Sussman on William Eggleston - The Artist Project, Met Museum

May 7, 2016

The Metropolitan Museum's The Artist Project is "what artists see when they look at the Met", a seasonal compilation of episodes where artists discuss other artists' work and their influence. Eve Sussman, an American multi-media artist speaks of Memphis born photographer William Eggleston.

“It’s the things that defy history and defy technology that I think are the most powerful.”
Untitled (Memphis), c. 1972, Dye Transfer Print © Eggleston Artist Trust

Untitled (Memphis), c. 1972, Dye Transfer Print © Eggleston Artist Trust

"A lot of the time when you see really beautiful formal photography it also feels slightly over-considered, but this has got a mix of this weird spontaneity. These are shot in natural light without anything set up.  I think he does it by noticing, you know? It's about being aware.  It's about seeing what's in front of you. He frames things quite tight. He's sort of captured things in a way. You feel this capturing and you feel this framing where you know there's something... stuff beyond the frame that you're not allowed to see, and that's part of also what makes you take more interest in it." Sussman shares with us.


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