Rinko Kawauchi exhibition "The River Embraced Me" in Japan

February 2, 2016

Rinko Kawauchi's The River Embraced Me is currently on exhibit from 23 January through 27 March 2016 at The Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto in Japan.

Untitled "The River Embraced Me" series from 2015 © Rinko Kawauchi

Untitled "The River Embraced Me" series from 2015 © Rinko Kawauchi

"Her exhibition, The River Embraced Me, unifies the stories of people’s memories with works of photography — featuring her brand new works shot across forty different locations, all inspired by memories of the people of Kumamoto. By capturing the backdrops of these recollections, the experience brings life to memory within the photographer, and as such allows the viewer to feel the budding of memories of their own." -Torch Press

The new series, The River Embraced Me as well as previous bodies of work, Cui CuiIlluminance and Ametsuchi, will be on exhibit as a homecoming display of Rinko Kawauchi's work retrospectively.

Visit camk.or.jp for details.
Buy the book The River Embraced Me via Torch Press HERE.

Source: http://www.camk.or.jp/event/exhibition/kaw...

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