Martin Parr, Selfportrait from the publisher Xavier Barral

December 16, 2015

The publisher Xavier Barral has just published “Martin Parr, autoportrait”, the new edition of the original work that came out in England in 2000 (Dewi Lewis). This new edition has been updated with more than 70 previously unpublished photographs.

For about two decades, Martin Parr has played the game of the souvenir self-portrait that he brings back after each of his many journeys  on assignments. Through the portraits in this book, each one more kitsch than the last, we rediscover the British photographer’s well-known taste for theatricality and self-mockery.

This gallery of self-portraits taken in the four corners of the world by a professional photographer, a local amateur, or even in a photo booth, play the popular game of the holiday snap. From digital photographs manipulated to excess, to studio shots against an exotic background, to colorized portraits as a cosmonaut, or a judoka standing next to Vladimir Putin, we discover the artist’s own humor and irony as he evolves down the years from 1996 to 2015. This whimsical little book was designed like one of those playful and universal objects that Martin Parr is so fond of: we can even have fun getting inside the photographer’s head thanks to the maze game embedded in the cover.

Martin Parr, autoportrait (selfportrait)
Editions Xavier Barral
4.3 x 6.1 Inches
144 pages
87 color photographs
ISBN : 978-2-36511-081-5
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