"Still Life with Fish: Photography from the Collection" with work of Jo Ann Callis on view at the HAMMER Museum

April 26, 2016

Themes of seriality, identity, and place explored in conceptual photography on the West Coast from the 1960s to the present.

Jo Ann Callis,  Salt and Pepper and Fire , 1980  

Jo Ann Callis, Salt and Pepper and Fire, 1980

Robert Heinecken's founding of the photography department at UCLA in the 1960's impacted generations of artists using photography.  The program set parameters for Grunswald Center for the Graphic Arts' collection.  Among his many students was Jo Ann Callis, a forerunner in the fabricated image movement in the 1970's.  Juxtaposing nude anonymous forms with binding such as duct tape, pools of honey, fabric and colored lights, Callis depicts a complex drama in each image.  Today, her work is on view in the exhibition Still Life with Fish: Photography from the Collection at the Hammer Museum until 15 May, 2016.

Other artists on display are Judy Fiskin, James Welling, Collier Schoor, Amy Adler, Sharon Lockhart, and Allen Ruppersberg.

Read more about the exhibition on hammer.ucla.edu 

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