Brad Feuerhelm discusses Christian Patterson's book "Bottom of the Lake" on ASX

December 10, 2015

Brad Feuerhelm explores the nuanced complexities of anachronism in Christian Patterson's book Bottom of the Lake on ASX.

"In Bottom of the Lake, Christian Patterson’s book, we find several implements, which seek to convey a personal narrative of place and personal experience through the use of an anachronism that employ characteristics that we may perceive as nostalgia. The nostalgia, in this case, is a 1973 phonebook from the author’s hometown of Fond Du Lac (bottom of the lake), Wisconsin, in which Patterson has spent time negating or highlighting numbers and adding notes to references of business places, personal summaries of taste and distaste, while also layering the book with images the photographer has shot or equipped by way of vernacular imagery in the telephone book itself laid out over the original pages."

From American Suburb X by Brad Feuerhelm on November 30, 2015.

To learn more about Christian Patterson, visit his artist page.


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