This Seems a Home

1 May - 20 December 2020
Where does it come from, this longing for home?

As we all sit inside our respective spaces, waiting for this plague to pass,
the question of home is both as apparent and as vague as ever.
Even in our realms of usual comfort, an abundance of stagnant time can summon unease.
We have come upon this realization: our homes are ourselves.
By practicing social distancing, we are protecting our true homes, our bodies.
This discomfort is not just about physical space; a longing for home can exist anywhere. We may yearn
for the comfort of home but truly we desire a comfort within the self.
In this online exhibition, ROSEGALLERY hopes to bring the sense of home to this discussion — whether internal or external — through artworks that engage in this question when brought into this context.
The online space will alter and evolve as this discussion continues, akin to chapters in a book.
So, please join us in this conversation as we continue to share our thoughts and new works by contemporary artists.