Americans in Kodachrome (Limited Edition)

Guy Stricherz
Guy Stricherz, 2002
Hardcover, signed
Americans in Kodachrome (Limited Edition): Guy Stricherz
Publisher: Twin Palms Publishing
Pages: 120
$ 1250.00

Image Size: 8 1/2 x 11 in
Signed and numbered by the artist


In Americans in Kodachrome, curator Guy Stricherz composes a series of ninety-five 35mm photographs taken by over ninety unknown American photographers. Focusing on the American dream at the time, these images “are an unprecedented portrayal of the daily life of people during these formative years of modern American culture”. The images are blunt, honest, and reveal emotions that were meant for the photographer. By taking these once private images and repurposing them for public use, Stricherz is exposing the typical American and a different generation, one much different from our own.