K1K – Yalitza Aparicio x Tania Franco Klein Zine

Tania Franco Klein, 2021
K1K – Yalitza Aparicio x Tania Franco Klein Zine
Publisher: KING KONG
Dimensions: 24 X 24 cm / 9,45 X 9,45 Inches
Pages: 40
$ 35.00

This zine is a collaboration between Yalitza Aparicio and Tania Franco Klein. An attempt is made to conceal our breakout star in plain sight. We sneak into an intimate scene of seductive caramels blended across carpet, wood, leather, and heat that would not dare disguise the piercing ferocity of an ancestry folded over, an ancestry that would have been eradicated had it not been for this very ferocity. A face with centuries of history, how could its majesty end up among television static preaching black and white, and a misplaced token to tame the mane protecting it?  Generations of adaptability seem to battle sacred tradition; in Yalitza Aparicio, we see the duality of Mexicans in the United States of America.