Flow and Fusion (Limited Edition)

Ken Kitano
Ken Kitano, 2009
Hardcover, signed
Flow and Fusion (Limited Edition): Ken Kitano
Publisher: MEM
Dimensions: 330×360mm
Pages: 108
$ 750.00

Image: 6.5 x 9
Paper: 8 x 10
Signed and numbered by the artist


"It was 1989 when I started shooting the series, City Flow and Fusion. In Japan, it was the end of the bubble economy. Rather than being chaotic, everything was sparse and diluted. I was nineteen. In short, I was nearly stifled in those days."
–Excerpted from Flow and Fusion, Ken Kitano

Kitano shot hundreds of images by slow shutter technique on the streets of Tokyo exploring the border between self and others. By witnessing the dynamism of people’s movement and lives, Kitano created a heightened realism of the communal, public environments he photographed questioning the role of human existence, including himself.