Our Face: Asia (Limited Edition)

Ken Kitano
Ken Kitano, 2013
Hardcover, signed
Our Face: Asia (Limited Edition): Ken Kitano
Publisher: Seigensha Publishing
Pages: 164
$ 700.00


8 x 10
Signed and numbered by the artist


Ken Kitano’s work often focuses on time and existence, shunning acceptance of the notion that the globalized world hinges upon just one or a few centuries. Deeply moving and profound with regard to the homogenous implications of identity, photographer Ken Kitano’s Our Face project involves the creation of meta-portraits following a beautifully simple concept. He redefines the meaning of globalization as an accumulation of individuals and localities by presenting faces of people from various positions and places, making portraits of different individuals from the same social group and transforming these into a representative, hybridized image by layering them on top of one another.