Graciela Iturbide
Graciela Iturbide, 2002
Hardscover, Signed 96 pages
Publisher: Twin Palms Publications

Since 1975, Graciela Iturbide (born 1942) has been esteemed as one of Latin America's most important photographers. In 2008 she won the Hasselblad Award, the world's most prestigious prize in the field of photography. 

The birds are birds as we know them and are birds that cannot be known: they are common and uncommon, whirling and blurred: the birds are dead: the birds are gawking and gawky, tender and woebegone; the birds are dirty and transient and religious and encaged within effigies of themselves; the birds are man-made or they swarm or are migratory indifferent. The birds hover and soar and loan themselves out for metaphorical exploitation. Very soon, they will fly off the page.

Hardscover, Signed
Pajaros: Graciela Iturbide
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