Bruce Davidson
Bruce Davidson, 2003
Hardcover, Signed 83 pages
Publisher: St. Anne's Press

The intrepid documentary photographer Bruce Davidson, veteran of the civil rights movement and the ghetto, has taken his camera into the New York subways, and has emerged, as might be expected, bereft of a camera. That was a small price to pay for these sensitive and intensely colorful pictures. He hopes that we will see the beauty he found there, but the gritty, seamy images reproduced here will not increase ridership. The bizarre inhabitants of the underground are the majority, with the sober nine-to-five'ers seeming distinctly out of place. In addition to the excellent reproduction quality, this NEA-supported project is enhanced by Davidson's down-to-earth text, a brief afterword, and technical notes.


Please note that the last available copy has slight wear on the dust jacket. 

Hardcover, Signed
Subway: Bruce Davidson
$ 170.00