100 Years, 100 Days

Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Manuel Álvarez Bravo, 2001
Hardcover 252 pages
Publisher: Turner Publications

100 Years, 100 Days presents Manuel Alvarez Bravo's life-work, which established him as the greatest Latin-American photographer of the 20th century and a national treasure in his native Mexico. Bravo turned 100 in 2002 and a celebration of his unsurpassable achievement was clearly in order. The book is a fitting tribute to a great artist who proved that being an artist is one of the best ways to live a long and happy life. Manuel Alvarez Bravo died on October 19, 2002 and his centenary has thus taken on a sad note as well as the intended celebratory one. His death was mourned by his countrymen and his millions of admirers throughout the world. This is the photographer's last book, a celebration of an artist's life lived to the fullest.

100 Years, 100 Days: Manuel Álvarez Bravo
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