Silver & Sapphire Ring (SR34)


Irene Shoshana is a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer. She draws her sensibility from her international roots: Born in Marrakesh, raised in Jerusalem, and immersed in fashion and the arts while living in Paris, New York and Mexico City. In the 1980s she opened Outremer, a boutique in Soho that launched young European fashion designers along with her own creations. In the early aughts she undertook jewelry making at BJO (BiJouterie, Joaillrie, Orfeverie) in Paris. Relocating to Los Angeles in 2004 with her husband and daughters, she joined the atelier of Ralph Goldstein at UCLA and studied Gemology at GIA. Her works have long been available at SALT in Venice, and she creates pieces to order. At her studio in the Santa Monica mountains, metal and stone are shaped through the artist’s refined skills into pieces remarkable for their understated elegance, articulated directly through the honest engagement of material, form and color. Nothing less, nothing more.

Silver & Sapphire Ring (SR34), $590
$ 590.00