Handcrafted 100% Cashmere Scarf

Mirror in the Sky | $316

Mirror in the Sky



Himalayans say ‘sky-mirror’ reflects our values and ideas. Mirror in the sky is the reflection of the idea to enhance the life of others combining the best of both Barcelona and Kathmandú.


Our Story

Rosaura and Pere. Designer and salesman. Mother and son. The perfect combination of trust and care is what makes the difference. A story of passion for nature that started in 2014. Since then, the family shared their vision to bring the most natural and highest quality cashmere in a respectful way to design and produce stylish and comfortable garments for everyone.


Making originals

At the heart of Himalaya, we work the finest cashmere fibres perfectly blend traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.



Craftmanship is a heritage that defines cultures. Our culture is a weaving of stories of people, traditions, herders, beliefs and patience.


Weaving respectfully

 The very best cashmere can only be found at the very best source. We select baby yak fibres carefully combed during the spring molting season and work along with farmers to minimize environmental impact and ensure no harm to any animal.


Inspired by nature

To survive extremely cold environments, yaks and hircus goats living in the Himalayan and Mongolian Plateaus grow a down-like fleece of the softest and finest fibres. As they create a natural thermal blanket next to their skin, we use the fleece to spin the exquisite cashmere of Mirror in the Sky.



Good things should last forever.
And we are committed to make the legacy of craftmanship live in every piece for a whole life.


Genuine strength

Purest cashmere and traditional weaving techniques give a natural resistant property to every garment.



Every small detail makes a big difference. And every single difference makes a unique perfection.


We are all unique. So are our pieces. Slight variations occur from one product to the next. Giving them a unique expression. Thanks to the authentic weavers in Nepal, every piece is a tribute to their tradition.


Infinite colours

Discover all the nuances in a wide range of colours inspired by a whole culture.


Hand-felting and individual finishing enhances all elements resulting in natural perfection.



Success is measured on what improvements have been made to our community members lives.


Sustainability is also about supporting the weavers, the herders, the artisans, their traditions and their environment. Minimizing impact and wasting, and enhancing growth and progress ensuring not only the best quality for our products but also a better quality for their lives.



Every detail, from packaging to cords or booklets, is entirely handmade using natural materials and techniques by an ethical women’s cooperative in Kathmandu, empowering female representation at work.


Craft with a purpose

Doing good brings good. We believe progress is built around creating opportunities and making communities and families environment better. Meet our partners and discover how craftmanship, makes everyone matter.



Our main factory, in partnership with General Welfare Prathisthan (GWP), goes from developing sustainable handmade paper of Nepal to contributing to the social development issues of Nepal like Girl’s Eeducation, AIDS awareness, Program aganist Girls Trafficking and Plantation, in order to find more sustainable methods of Nepalese handmade paper production.

Handcrafted 100% Cashmere Scarf, Mirror in the Sky | $316
$ 316.00