Tote Bag

Dutzi Design | $280

Following her career as a fashion editor in Paris and New York, designer Ariane Dutzi launched Dutzi Design, Inc. in Valladolid, Mexico in 2009. Ariane is an idealist, who believes in beauty and feels that business is about more than just making money – it’s about making the world a better place. “Just to see these artisans’ expressions,” she says, “to give them hope and give them their dignity back: It’s all worth it,”


Ariane divides her time between New York and Valladolid, where she shares her home with her lovable terrier, Lorenzo. 


Dutzi Design, Inc. is committed to great, design, high quality and giving back. Launched in 2009 in Valladolid, Mexico by owner and designer Ariane Dutzi, the creation of one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories create economic opportunity in the Yucatan. 


All Dutzi products are hand crafted in local Mayan communities. Receiving training and materials from the Dutzi workshop, our artisans work from home and are paid per bag made, allowing for the preservation of the family unit. With your purchase, Dutzi artisans protect timeless tradition while gaining skills and income for a brighter future. Thank you!

Tote Bag, Dutzi Design | $280
$ 280.00