Producer Midland shares his appreciation for Bruce Davidson's 'Subway' series

March 4, 2016

UK Producer Midland speaks of his affinity for Bruce Davidson's Subway series with Electronic Beats, a T-Mobile affiliate, to share quality journalism and marketing of music & lifestyle content.

Photo from 'Subway' by Bruce Davidson. Published by Steidl

Photo from 'Subway' by Bruce Davidson. Published by Steidl

"In order to contextualize the work and the environment in which it was born, one has to understand that the subway in 1980 was a place New Yorkers treated with equal parts fear and respect. For many people, it was their only way to get to work, to see family or to navigate the vast city, and so necessity often eclipsed personal safety."

Midland also noted, "great artists show you worlds you thought you understood but in a way you never knew was possible."

Harry 'Midland' Agius oversees two record labels, Graded and Re-Graded. 

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